Yellow Sheet

Jobs Eh?? Best Use

Yellow Sheet enables Consultants, General Contractors, Subcontractors & Material Suppliers to make faster, better-informed decisions that are more cost effective & more profitable.

Best use for Consultants

Find contemplated, planned and preliminary reports to find commissions.
Keep track of what your competition is doing.
Plan upcoming activity.
Stay aware of both private and public sector projects.

Best use for General Contractors

Filter through hundreds of projects to find the perfect jobs for you.
Contact private owners, architects, project and construction management teams to be on their invited bidders list.
Negotiate early with qualified owners and get the work before the job ever goes out to bid.
Write or call owners and architects with active projects.

Best use for Subcontractors

Structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and landscaping sub-contractors are able to connect with owners to provide technical assistance.
Plan ahead for the best future and highest ROI work.
Contact GC's on negotiated projects to see plans and specs to prepare and submit a bid.
Get your bid to the winning GC before your competition with complete results and awards on private and public projects.

Best use for Manufacturer's Rep and Suppliers

Create a profile to keep your team involved on all planned and current construction.
Select which major jobs to track to build relationships and increase sales.
Send specific literature to owners and architects.
Follow up with a phone call or visit after literature is received.
Contact the interior designer or architect to provide design and spec writing assistance for furnishing and equipping the completed project.