Project highlights

Sidney - 9844 3rd St - mixed-use dev
building permit application
Finlayson Bonet Architects

Sidney - 2315 Mills Rd - seniors housing
working drawings underway
Christine Lintott Architects

View Royal - 244 Island Hwy - apartments
building permit application
Alan Lowe Architects

Langford 616 Goldstream affordable housing
construction underway
Low Hammond Rowe Architects

Nanaimo - 6010 Hammond Bay - mixed-use
working drawing underway
Murdoch and Company Architecture

Nanaimo - 4745 Ledgerwood - apartments
building permit application
Joyce Reid Troost Architect

Nanaimo - 699 Harewood Rd - townhouses
building permit application
De Hoog and Kierulf Architects

Parksville - 1135 Resort Dr - recreational
building permit application
Finlayson Bonet Architecture

Courtenay - 2900 Cliffe - seniors housing
call for trades anticipated shortly
Ivica Marinic Architecture

Port Hardy - 3675 Byng Rd - institutional
construction start - demolition complete
Number Ten Architectural Group

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September 16, 2019
198 building permits issued for $66M
63 New and updated projects
16 Prebid
83 New and updated tenders
21 Bid results

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