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Small Boat Float Upgrade Package 4 
Tender closed April 4/19
Low Bidder
Pomerleau Inc - $35,861,175
Other bids
Vancouver Pile Driving - $42,621.237
PPM Civil Constructors - $42,682,618
JJM Construction - 46,294,982
North America Construction - $51,721,000

Nanaimo RD - Bay Ave 
Wastewater Pump Station Replacement
Call for Detailed Design April/19
$3.4M budget - construction in 2020
YS Reference No 16266

Parksville - Hirst Ave West
Site for sale with approval imminent
for 20 towhouse units - $2.5M includes
Development Permit and all reports
YS Reference No 16880

Comox - Hangar 7 Remediation &
Systems Replacement
First WP call from Kinetic
Construction anticipated April/19
including hazmat abatement & demo,
steel stud, acoustic ceilings and drywall
See YS Reference No 18167

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Shawnigan Boathouse by Campbell Construction - Construction Complete March/19

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