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PPP (Private Public Partnerships) are contracts between a public sector authority and a private party.
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This week - over $36.5 million dollars in issued building permits for Vancouver Island. 


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Private Sector Construction Leads

We research projects from a contemplated stage through to substantial completion. 
Imminent trade, contractor and consulting calls exclusive to the Yellow Sheet.  We are the leading provider and earliest source of private construction leads on Vancouver Island.

Public Sector Construction Leads

We source Vancouver Island public sector projects from all three levels of government.  Leads from a pre-bid stage through to tender calls and bid results. 

Building Permits

Collected and researched every week, for every area on Vancouver Island.



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"We're not just out to make things look good - although we do that too, of course - but we have a strategy. Like the Yellow Sheet, we are detailed, accurate and up-to-date in everything we do."

Bradley Shuya,
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"Dollar for dollar Yellow Sheet has been our best source of lead generation.  We have landed contracts and built relationships that would never have come to pass had it not been for the Yellow Sheet service."

Martin Kallsbeek,
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