Yellow Sheet


Yellow Sheet advertising is an unrivalled medium if you want your business to be seen, known and called upon within the Vancouver Island construction industry.  Here's why.

  • Yellow Sheet advertising puts your business in front of our hundreds of construction industry subscribers thousands of times a week.  We offer RARE 100% targeting.

  • Yellow Sheet advertising gets and keeps attention by being relevant to our construction industry audience.  There is no "on-line ad blindness" with our banner or leaderboard ads.

  • Yellow Sheet advertising broadcasts 24/7/365.  Your advertisement is always live.

  • Yellow Sheet advertising is in full view for the entire time the page is in view.  Your advertisement is NOT pushed off the screen after a few seconds for another ad to take its place.

  • Yellow Sheet advertising is in full view on every web page it runs on.  No scrolling is needed to find your ad.
  • Bonus views of your Yellow Sheet advertisement are included in all print views of Yellow Sheet data.


Put Yellow Sheet advertising to work for your business;

  • Broadcast your business's strong and active presence in the Vancouver Island construction industry.

  • Broadcast that your business is open and available for business to ensure a continuous flow of project bookings and contracts.

  • Build your brand in association with Yellow Sheet.  In business for almost 37 years, Yellow Sheet is a valued and trusted "go to" information source throughout the Vancouver Island construction industry.

Banner size - 325 X 100 pixels - $165 per month or $1,759 per year

To book advertising or learn more call 250-480-1230 or email