Campbell River 1235 Evergreen Rd (institutional new) Operations and Maintenance Facility
  Owner :- BC Transit - 520 Gorge Rd E, Victoria V8W 2P3 Ph: 250-419-5941
  Architect :- Architecture 49 - 1985 W Broadway, Unit 200, Vancouver V6J 4Y3 Ph: 604-736-5329
  General Contractor :- Knappett Projects Inc - 555 Pembroke St, Victoria V8T 1H3 Ph: 250-475-6333
  Trade Contractors :- Holdfast Metalworks Ltd - 1125 Farquhar St, Unit B, Nanaimo V9R 2G2 Ph: 250-591-7400 - structural steel
  Civil Engineer :- WSP Canada Inc - 3600 Uptown Blvd, Unit 301, Victoria V8Z 0B9 Ph: 250-384-5510
  Site Servicing :- Upland Contracting  - 7295 Gold River Rd, Campbell River V9H 1P1 Ph: 250-286-1148 - site work
  Project :- 2 buildings | 2 storey administration building - 1 storey maintenance, washing station and 23 stall bus garage - design to incorporate future expansion of garage to accommodate 50 buses
  Project Progress :- Work of this Contract consists of furnishing of all labour, supervision, materials, products, Contractor's Plant and Equipment, transportation, receiving, handling, storage, temporary works, supplies, services, permits, licenses and all other things necessary for the construction, completion and commissioning of a fully functional and operable Maintenance Building & Fuel/Bus Wash Buildings. The Work also includes the installation of Owner supplied equipment, as well as the coordination of installation and commission of equipment supplied and installed by others for the future Campbell River Transit Centre in Campbell River
  Stage :- Construction Complete - March 27/20
  Construction Start :- 06/30/2018
  Construction Complete :- 03/31/2020
  Note :- Building permit for $10M issued January/19
  Budget.Approx :- $15,000,000
  Location Detail :- 1150 Evergreen Rd & 1235 Evergreen Rd
  Sector :- Public
  Report Dates :- First issue: May 29, 2017 - Previous issue: Jan 13, 2020 - Last issue: Mar 30, 2020
  YS Reference No :- 16518


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